Outdoor Furniture for Superyachts

Siebensee designs, makes and maintains premium outdoor furniture for yachts. Either choose from our growing family of customisable furniture collections or let us build bespoke pieces of furniture for you.

Siebensee is the ideal partner for sophisticated outdoor furniture projects for superyachts

Our folding chair ‘The Director’ features a state-of-the-art construction and an eye-catching design.

Siebensee furniture is made by luxury furniture manufacturer Finkeldei and outdoor fitted furniture specialist Stükerjürgen

Our versatile Celtic collection provides a relaxing seating comfort, thanks to the luxurious upholstery.

Each piece of Siebensee furniture is hand-crafted by our skilled teams of in-house engineers, carpenters and upholstery experts in Germany

Our Atlantic collection combines an exceptional seating comfort with a contemporary and dynamic look.

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